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Summit Hotel, Tacloban City

May 1-3, 2024

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Post-Test and Evaluation Forms

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Regional Director
POGS, Eastern Visayas

Welcome to the 2024 POGS Midyear Convention in Tacloban, a city known for its resilience! POGS Region VIII Chapter is thrilled to host this event after 21 years, celebrating both advancements in our field and the enduring spirit of Waraynon culture.


Under the theme "Resilient Waray, Modern Pinay," we honor the region's determination in the face of challenges. As we explore the latest in Obstetrics and Gynecology, let the Waraynon’s strength inspire our discussions.


Amidst a region that has risen with determination, we, as healthcare professionals, gather to advance women's health. The Region VIII’s strength becomes a meaningful backdrop for our conversations on the evolving landscape of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


The term "Modern Pinay" signifies our commitment to recognizing women's multifaceted roles today. As contributors to women's health, our insights will shape the broader narrative in this modern era.


Let's embrace knowledge exchange, forging connections to enhance our collective ability to care for women across the Philippines and beyond. Here's to a successful and impactful convention, a testament to our dedication to progress, resilience, and the well-being of the modern Pinay. Thank you, and may our time together be enlightening and inspiring. Cheers!

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you this May!

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